Stopsley Top Class Student

Ambition - Endeavour - Success
At Stopsley We Don't Just Pack Our Pencil Case!

It is always a key priority to recognise and celebrate a student’s achievements within school and beyond. The Top Class Student rewards scheme is an integral part of every child’s journey at Stopsley.

Students’ achievements are recognised through the four strands of our system and run throughout each academic year. Top Class Student provides individual and personal target setting opportunities for every student.

Each term students have the chance to reach Top Class Student status, and receive a pin badge. Students begin with a bronze badge, and can level up through silver to gold.

Top Class Student

The central rewards system runs through every curriculum area. The focus is upon positive behaviours and achievement points are added
by staff to recognise when students display characteristics of the four key areas that make up a Top Class Stopsley student.

A Stopsley Top Class student’s conduct demonstrates they:

 are polite and respectful

are punctual

 are prepared for the school day

endeavour to present both themselves and their work to the highest standard

A Stopsley Top Class student’s community demonstrates they:

are a valued member of the Stopsley community through their commitment to the school values of ambition, endeavour and success

A Stopsley Top Class student’s attitude demonstrates they:

are focussed and ready to learn new concepts

embrace challenge as a learning opportunity and
always try their best

recognise feedback is an opportunity to reach
your peak

A Stopsley Top Class student’s attendance demonstrates they:

are committed to attending school every day and reaching a minimum  Stopsley good attendance rate of 97%